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Bonner Scholars Raise $570 for the Rescue Mission of Trenton in Pop-Up Thrift Shop

EWING, NJ – Bonner Community Scholars hosted their first ever “Thrifty Tuesday” Pop-Up Thrift Shop in the TCNJ Student Center this past week, during which they raised over $570 in less than an hour and a half. Clothing practically flew off the racks as Bonners sold vintage and thrift pieces to enthusiastic TCNJ students on Tuesday, October 16th.

The thrift project grew out of several entrepreneurial Bonners who had a lofty goal: reduce clothing waste while creating a market for thrift items on campus. The Scholars quickly transformed this idea into a full-fledged social entrepreneurship project: The TCNJ Thrift Project.

The TCNJ Thrift project sells items from the Rescue Mission’s Store to a niche market – the campus community – and donates the money back to the Rescue Mission. Throughout this effort, Scholars are also working with the President’s Climate Commitment Committee (PC3) to build a greener college community. Americans throw away more than 68lbs of clothing and textiles per person, each year. This represents 4% of the municipal solid waste stream. Currently, only 15% of discarded clothing is collected – Bonner and PC3 are seeking to have an impact in this area.

By developing and carrying out this project, the Bonner Community Scholars not only spread awareness and advocate for sustainability by reducing waste, but they are also helping build the capacity of the Rescue Mission by raising funds for the community partner. The Bonner Center is incredibly proud of its Scholars who took initiative on this project and have seen it through to its first big success!

For more information on the TCNJ Thrift Project and to see pictures of merchandise, visit the initiative’s Tumblr at

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Fourth-Year Bonner Community Scholar Tiffany Teng presents Doug Liebau, Director of Entrepreneurial Training at the Rescue Mission of Trenton with the funds raised from the Thrifty Tuesday Pop-Up Shop.


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Madeline Bell


To download a PDF version, click here: Thrift Project Success 10.23.12