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Bonner Scholar, Regina Zick, Interviewed by EbruNews

Regina Zick, a Second-Year Bonner Community Scholar, was interviewed on January 26th by EbruNews regarding the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief efforts of The College of New Jersey as part of its TCNJ Here for Home Campaign. The video segment highlighted volunteer efforts of over 25 TCNJ students on January 26th in Union Beach, NJ. There, volunteers helped to gut damaged homes in a senior living facility to prepare the structures for rebuilding efforts. Regina, whose own family has had to rebuild following Hurricane Sandy, has been a very active volunteer along with other Bonner Community Scholars, traveling with TCNJ almost every weekend to help with disaster relief efforts. She also accompanied First-Year Bonner Community Scholars in their New Jersey relief efforts on January 9th through 11th before traveling to New Orleans to continue the rebuilding efforts that have been going on in the city for over seven years. The Bonner Center has been committed to helping with and organizing some of TCNJ’s Here for Home Campaign initiatives in New Jersey. To learn more about TCNJ Here for Home, visit To watch the video coverage of TCNJ’s work, click the link below; the segment on TCNJ can be found at the seven minute mark.


EbruNews – Evening News, January 26, 2013Rallies Across The U.S. Demand Stricter Gun Laws. Anonymous Hacks D.O.J., Claims Vengeance For Aaron Swartz’s Suicide. Cario Sentences 21 To Death. Many Still Reeling From Hurricane Sandy.

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