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The Wall Launches Homelessness Awareness Campaign

EWING, NJ – The Wall, a homelessness newspaper produced by and for the homeless in collaboration with the Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness and the Bonner Center for Civic and Community Engagement, has launched a campaign to raise awareness about homelessness in Mercer County.

Homelessness is a condition, but not a permanent one. As the world gets smaller with commercialization and globalization, there is a need to focus on the details of the bigger picture. The homeless population needs our help and by being aware of the facts around this issue, we can come up with creative ways in which to participate in the movement and eliminate homelessness in our world. Students passing by on the way to class were able to learn a few facts about homelessness, a brief scraping of the surface of a massive issue. Celebrity facts and Mercer County statistics were featured to grasp TCNJ’s attention.

The Bonner-led Wall Team has worked tirelessly during the fall semester into the beginning of the spring semester to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness both in the larger community and within TCNJ. Seeking artists, writers and poets among TCNJ students and the homeless, themselves, has been an exciting task for the Bonners and supporters, according to Tiffany Teng, a Fourth Year Bonner Community Scholar. The Wall recently acquired a TCNJ student intern who is studying English who is helping both with writing articles for the newspaper and with other creative tasks such as marketing and video-making.

To download a PDF version of the flyers, click here: Homelessness Facts.