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TCNJ Cost Accounting Class Partners with Isles Youth Institute to Develop Microbusinesses


This year, as a part of the ongoing partnership between Isles Youth Institute (IYI) and The College of New Jersey’s Bonner Center for Civic and Community Engagement, the Bonner Center has engaged Professor Bea Chiang’s Cost Accounting class to work with IYI students on developing microbusinesses.  IYI’s school curriculum for this year is focusing on a project based learning model that will use five microbusinesses to actively engage students in the learning process.

The project kicked off yesterday at TCNJ where the college students and IYI students met in five groups to begin their businesses: wash and fold laundry service, beds and sheds, a t-shirt business, a small motor and bike repair shop, and a school store.  Each business is led by a CEO from IYI.  We are excited about this partnership and this project for both the TCNJ students and IYI students!