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A number of Bonner community partner teams and sites welcome additional volunteers. Students who volunteer alongside Bonner Scholars are called Bonner Volunteers (B-Vols). B-Vols are able to serve on a regular or occasional basis, and we often reach out to these students when we have large projects or last-minute needs. Bonner Volunteers become instrumental members of our site teams, and often apply to the Bonner Community Scholars programs after serving with the Institute for a year.

If you are interested in becoming a Bonner Volunteer, please look at TCNJ LionsGate Bonner Volunteers, call 609-771-2548, or visit the Bonner Institute located in Forcina Hall, Room 337.

Here are some of the TCNJ Bonner sites that are open to B-Vols:

  • The Wall Homelessness Newspaper – Journalism
  • A Better Way of Trenton – Prisoner Reentry
  • Mercer County Correctional Center – Prisoner Education
  • El Centro de Recursos Para Familias - Basic Language Instruction, ESL
  • Fernbrook Farms – Environment and Education
  • Greg Grant Academic Sports Academy – Education, Youth Development, Mentoring
  • Habitat for Humanity – Education, Mentoring
  • Hedgepeth-Williams School – K-8 Education, Youth Enrichment
  • Isles Inc. – Academic Tutoring (Isles YouthBuild)
  • Mercer Street Friends Food Bank – Emergency Food Distribution
  • PEI Kids – Life Skills Classes for Juvenile Offenders, Writing Workshops
  • Rescue Mission – Social Entreprenuership, Marketing, GED Tutoring
  • Shiloh Baptist CDC – Youth Mentoring
  • Trenton Central High School – Arts/Media Service Learning, Tutoring, College Prep
  • Trenton High School West – Math Tutoring for the HSPA