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Service Trips

Each class of Bonners participate in a sequence of service and enrichment trips over a four year period that are designed to have an impact on an impoverished community as well as deepen their understanding of this country’s struggle for democracy and equality.

First-year students travel to Philadelphia, PA to learn about the birth of democracy, and then to New Orleans, LA where they spend their winter break building homes in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Sophomores travel to Richmond, VA where they engage in service projects with Bonners from that city and learn about the Civil War.

Juniors travel to Atlanta, GA where they spend time learning about the Civil Rights Movement and its leaders and engage in service projects.

Rising Seniors travel to Nicaragua where they spend just over a week analyzing American policy and its affect on poverty-stricken regions across the globe.

Service and Enrichment Trips Blogs

Bonner students participating in service and enrichment trips are encouraged to maintain and update a community blog focused on each trip. The following links will take you to the blogs dedicated to recent Bonner service trips:


   New Orleans, LA

New Orleans 2013

New Orleans 2012

New Orleans 2011

New Orleans 2010

New Orleans 2009

New Orleans 2008

   Richmond, VA

Richmond 2014

Richmond 2013

Richmond 2010

   Atlanta, GA

Atlanta 2013

Atlanta 2012

Atlanta 2010


Nicaragua 2014

Nicaragua 2012

Nicaragua 2011

Nicaragua 2010

Nicaragua 2009