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Community Development and Environment Division

East Trenton Collaborative – Community Development (Trenton, NJ)

Groups of TCNJ first year students assist in the collaborative through Community Engaged Learning days consisting of beautification projects in the ETC zone.

Fernbrook Farms – Environment (Chesterfield, NJ)

The Bonner Center collaborates with Fernbrook Farm Educational Center, a not-for-profit organization that provides youth in inner-city areas, such as Trenton, educational opportunities to learn about the importance of the environment, sustainability and health. Bonner Scholars work with Fernbrook to develop opportunities for youth in Trenton, as well as build up the capacity of the not-for-profit portion of the Farms.

President’s Climate Commitment Committee – Environment (Ewing, NJ)

Bonner Scholars work with the President’s Climate Committee to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to achieve climate neutrality for our campus. Students develop campus-wide projects including recycling initiatives, Reduce for Good Use campaigns and a tree mapping project.

Rescue Mission – Homelessness (Trenton, NJ)

Bonner Scholar Entrepreneurs are supporting the Rescue Mission of Trenton by selling the Mission Store’s items to a niche market – the campus community – and donating the profits back to the Rescue Mission (The Thrift Project). Along with the Environment Team, Bonner Scholars work with TCNJ community for clothing drives.  They are also assist with the TEACH program by providing GED tutoring to patrons. Website:

Shiloh Baptist Community Development Corporation – Community Development  (Trenton, NJ)

Bonner Scholars currently assist with the various projects at the CDC, including helping manage mentoring programs, running tutoring sessions with youth, and organizing events and enrichment days for the Shiloh community. Shiloh has also hosted several Community Engaged Learning II courses, including a class focused on capturing the history of Trenton through an oral history project. Website:

Sustainability Institute – Environment (Ewing, NJ)

The Bonner Environmental Team has forged a new partnership with the statewide Sustainability Institute. The goal is to create a greener world in our towns and on our campus. The team work with four municipalities and assist their municipal Green Team with their goals and objectives.

TCNJ Demonstration Garden – Environment (Ewing, NJ)

Constructed by Bonners and volunteers in April 2010, the team maintains the TCNJ Demonstration Garden – weeding, watering and planting fresh fruits and vegetables. This community garden provides food for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen as well as a space to build community and educate urban youth.