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Student Impact: Curricular Track

Community engaged learning can be an effective teaching tool – one that has a positive impact on the educational process.

TCNJ Bonner Scholar Graduate, Albert Matlock.

For example, approximately 700 first year FSP students work with the Bonner Center on class-based projects. These projects connect the subject matter of the course to an opportunity to step outside of the classroom and address some unmet need.

According to recent statistics, gathered from surveys administered to these students before and after their experience, courses that work with the Bonner Center are:

Positive Impact (88%): Students in these classes felt that they were making positive contributions to the local community through their FSP experiences

More Motivating (64%): Based on their community engaged learning experiences, students in these FSP classes were more inspired to continue providing service in the local and campus communities

Building Knowledge (85%): Students found that the community engaged learning component of the course helped them to better understand some of the learning objectives, lectures or readings for the course itself and their own roles as citizens in a democratic society

Relationship to TCNJ (62%): A majority of the FSP students, after their community engaged learning experiences, said that they felt more connected to the TCNJ community and their peers

For more information on recent statistics, please visit the Bonner Student Impact page here.