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Interdisciplinary Concentration in Social Justice

Interdisciplinary Concentration in Social Justice

The Liberal Learning Department at the College of New Jersey in collaboration with the Bonner Center and the Alan Dawley Center for the Study of Social Justice have established the interdisciplinary concentration in social justice. This concentration is designed to enable students interested in the theory and practice of social change to satisfy their Liberal Learning requirements and it is particularly recommended for students in the Bonner Program, but is open to all TCNJ students.

The social justice interdisciplinary concentration combines course work with community engaged learning experiences. Students opting for it must take a first year seminar with a CEL component. Student may then choose from a variety of courses in the humanities and social sciences. The capstone requirement for the social justice concentration is any CEL II approved course. Students may also satisfy the laboratory science and quantitative reasoning requirements with any approved courses. The total of eight courses is needed in order to fulfill the requirements of the social justice concentration.

Faculty Sponsors to the concentration areĀ  Morton Winston, Ellen Friedman, Melinda Roberts, Christopher Fisher, JanetĀ Morrison, Rebecca Li, Susan Ryan, David Prensky, and Terry Epperson.

First Year Seminar: Any CEL-1 First Year Seminar

Choose 2 courses from the following:

Social Change in a Historical Perspective:
Origins of the US Constitution POL 365
American Political Economy ECON-115
The United States in World History HIS-370
History of Urban American HIS-284
European History Since 1789 HIS 327
Women in America WGS 301

Social and Cultural Perspectives:
Politics and Society of Developing Nations POL 250
Politics of Community Change POL-318
Racism, Power and Privilege-SOC 315
Social and Cultural Change SOC 336
Poverty and Welfare in the US SOC 365
Sociology of Race in the US SOC 281
Gender and Public Policy WGS 330
Education and American Culture SOC 380
Global Urbanization ANT-335
Ethnicity, Race and Nation ANT-315
Intro to Peace and Justice Studies HGS-210
Intro to Urban Planning SOC-380
Introduction to USA Studies (USA 101-102)

Choose 2 courses from the following:

World Views and Ways of Knowing:
Contemporary Moral Issues PHL-135
Political Philosophy PHL-240
Human Rights and Genocide HSG -200
Law and Ethics PHL-375
Western Political Thought POL-270
History of Economic Thought ECO-210
Literary, Visual and Performing Arts:
Literature, Film and Art of American Politics LIT-280
Men and Masculinities LIT-315
Global Women Writers
Social & Political Issues in American Music MUS 230
Representations of the Holocaust LIT-380
Race, Gender and the News JPW-321
Human Right in International Relations INT 300

Natural Science:
Any LL approved science course
Quantitative Reasoning:
Any LL approve quantitative reasoning course

Any approved CEL-2 course.